Baby proofing trouser fire guard! 

So, like every home we have lots of potential ‘hazards’ now that our little man is running around all over the place. Of course there is only so much you can do and we didn’t want to go OTT when it came to baby proofing the flat but we did stick on some corner shields, plug sockets shields etc and moved some of the furniture around to make its safe, while at the same time being able to teach our LM that touching the radiator when it’s hot is not a good idea!

One thing that has still been worrying me though is the marble fireplace surround. We used to put the coffee table in front of it, but now that the LM can climb the table (!) we had to change that plan. Enter the suitcase of random fabric I keep for unknown projects! Among the offcuts of completed (and unsuccessful) craft projects I found a pair of my other halfs trousers that I had been saving ‘just in case’ they came in useful, and hurrah, this was their lucky weekend!

Draft excluder style fire guard from a pair of trousers 

  1. Cut off both trouser legs (leaving a pair of shorts!)  
  2. Sew the top of the legs – right sides together – with one leg inside the other 
  3. Pull out the inside leg, so that you have one long cylinder shape, with the fabric inside out
  4. (As the trousers were wider at the thighs, I had to run a straight stitch from one end to the other so that the fire guard would not be fatter in the middle)
  5. Turn the trouser legs the right way round and stuff (I used fabric offcuts and a cardigan bound for the charity shop!) 
  6. Once full, sew each end shut – I did two lines of stitching at each end – on the top side of the fabric

(I should point out that our gas fire doesn’t actually work so there’s no risk of it catching fire ūüėä)


Farewell to Christmas at the Geffrye Museum, Hoxton 

We went to a really lovely event this afternoon at The Geffrye, Museum of the Home, in Hoxton. Mulled wine, 12th night cake, carols and the traditional burning of holly and ivy to say farewell to Christmas.

It was great for the little man, who was very happy running around the garden and transfixed by the fire. Add in some swaying to the brass band and bits of cake and he was set!

A great way to say farewell to Christmas. Looking forward to heading back to the museum again for a proper explore – a series of living rooms / spaces that reflect how people lived in the past. There are beautiful gardens too, so I might save it until it’s a bit warmer! :-)

Welcome 2016! A new start

So, I have been neglected my blog recently (a few years counts as recently, right?!) and I thought I’d make more of an effort for 2016, not just for me but for our little one as well.

My last post was about a play mat I was making for my (then) soon to be born little boy. He is now 18 months old and the play mat has long been in a cupboard, replaced by mega bloks, Thomas the Tank engine toys and lots and lots of running around.

Initially I was quite good at recording what we were up to, to help me remember (amidst the sleep deprivation), but I let it slip once maternity leave was over and I had to head back to full time work.

However, 2016 brings with it a new start and amazingly the little man and I will now have one day a week just the two of us (weekends now reserved for daddy time!) and I am resolved to start documenting  again,to help me remember the things we get up to during his childhood, along with anything else that springs to mind as life unfolds.

Happy 2016. I wonder what the year will bring…


Quilted play mat

I wanted to make a play mat for my little one so that I had something personal that we could use every day. Another chance to use up some fabric, I decided to make a quilted patchwork mat with the fabric I had. Instead of using actual quilting as the middle layer, I had some thick felt-like fleece which did the job :-) so I didn’t have to buy anything extra to make the mat. Thank you to the contents of my suitcase full of fabric!





Soft play blocks

So, with a little one on the way I thought it would be nice to use up some of the many bits of fabric I have squirrelled away by making a few baby bits and pieces. My sewing isn’t really neat enough to make clothes so I thought I’d make some soft play things instead.

I used this great, easy to follow blog post on making soft play blocks. 

The blocks in the pictures below I stuffed with toy stuffing, but I also made some larger ones, which I filled with cushion stuffing for more stability.


First post of 2014: cork pin-board

Wow, has it really been a year since my last post?!? Must try harder in 2014!

With that in mind I thought I’d share a cork pin-board I made at the weekend. I was waiting until I had enough corks to cover a whole photo frame, but I got a little impatient and decided to make a pattern with the corks I had (cutting them into quarters to make them go further and stick out less) and putting wrapping paper underneath to contrast.

And here it is! A nice simple weekend craft making use of lots of things hiding in cupboards!


A wonderful craft book – Homemade Gifts Vintage Style by Sarah Moore

This book, as the title of the post suggests, is wonderful. Not only is the book itself a thing of beauty but the projects inside are the perfect mix of vintage, up-cycling, simplicity (in the good way!) and beauty. I quite genuinely want to make everything in this book.

I’ve had a go at a few things so far and below are some images so you can see how I got on. I made the¬†pin-board¬†first, using some map wrapping paper I bought¬†about¬†a year ago¬†because¬†I liked it but didn’t have a use for…until now. Also a great excuse to get out the ribbon box.

Driven by the chill here in London at the moment I moved onto making hot water bottle covers out of old jumpers and then gave the bunny pattern (which I¬†absolutely¬†love) a go in¬†preparation¬†for Mothers Day! My bunny is a little on the chubby side but mums don’t judge.

For anyone who loves the vintage style I¬†definitely¬†recommend¬†this book. The website is lovely too…¬†