It’s Christmas!

This weekend my sewing machine has been on non stop, churning out decorations and presents while watching all of Harry Potter!

Here are some of the things I’ve made, which are now being wrapped up ready to go under the Christmas tree.

Have you made any Christmas presents this weekend? I’d love to know what you’ve all been making.





Sewing Machine Cover

Right, so as ever I got a little distracted from my planned apron making and decided to make something that’s been on my to-make list for ages!

My sewing machine came with a horrible white plastic cover so I’ve been meaning to make a new one. I got given some lovely fabric last Christmas and I’ve been waiting to make something with it that I can use and see all the time.

And here it is, my new sewing machine cover! I didn’t use a pattern for this as such – just looked at how it would need to be put together and added a pocket on the front for good measure.

Sewing Machine Cover 2

Sewing Machine Cover