Quilted play mat

I wanted to make a play mat for my little one so that I had something personal that we could use every day. Another chance to use up some fabric, I decided to make a quilted patchwork mat with the fabric I had. Instead of using actual quilting as the middle layer, I had some thick felt-like fleece which did the job 🙂 so I didn’t have to buy anything extra to make the mat. Thank you to the contents of my suitcase full of fabric!






Soft play blocks

So, with a little one on the way I thought it would be nice to use up some of the many bits of fabric I have squirrelled away by making a few baby bits and pieces. My sewing isn’t really neat enough to make clothes so I thought I’d make some soft play things instead.

I used this great, easy to follow blog post on making soft play blocks. 

The blocks in the pictures below I stuffed with toy stuffing, but I also made some larger ones, which I filled with cushion stuffing for more stability.