Little moments #1

One of the reasons I wanted to start up the blog again now that we have the little man was to help me remember what we do with our time together and those little moments that make you smile. 

It’s so easy to forget the little things that happen day to day, with so much changing all the time, so I’ve decided to do a weekly (ish) post of little magic moments – things that happen with our little man that make me smile 😃

This week…
#1 – Little Man now does a good impression of Edna from The Incredibles: ‘no capes’!! With finger waving and attitude. Ha.

#2 – He popped a balloon at my birthday and didn’t cry! Hurrah! 

#3 – I have officially been upgraded from mama to mummy! 

Are there any little magic moments you would like to share? Leave a comment below😀


Weekend adventure #4: London parks

St James Park – Green Park – Hyde Park

As it’s starting to get (a little) warmer we decided to do a mini tour of the central London parks this weekend. We jumped on the train to Charing Cross and headed straight for St James Park. The horse guards were out and about so we headed straight over to watch them all trot by.

Having waved goodbye to the horses and made the relevant neigh noises we went down to see all the ducks and geese. The good thing about St James Park, over Hyde Park, is that there is a little railing which goes some way to not having a soaking wet child in seconds! Careful not to get fingers nibbled by the geese, it was lovely to see all the different birds swimming along, looking for crumbs from more generous passers by.   

I think there must have been something happening at the Palace, as it was rather busy. The flag was flying so I’m guessing Liz was home – and we did see three corgies being walked in the park! 😉

We headed into Green Park, which has some nice hilly bits that makes it feel a bit more rural than St James, before making our way to Hyde Park.

We used to go to Hyde Park quite a bit before the little man came along – it’s got some good flat sections which are great for rollerblading – particularly if you are like me and don’t really know how to stop, so like avoiding hills! 

There are some beautiful fountains and more formal garden sections that are a nice contrast to the more open green spaces of the other two (or at least the other bits we wandered through) 

With a good selection of birds to chase and puddles to splash in the little man was happy. Getting him to nap in the pram was less successful, so we gave up and went to Byron for lunch instead!! 😉

Weekend adventure #3: Horniman Dinosaur Exhibition 

We try not to stereotype when it comes to toys and games with the little man but none the less,  trains and dinosaurs have both become firm favourites. We pass the day with many chuga chuga choo choos and Raaaarrrs so this weekend we went to one of our favourite museums – the Horniman in South London – to check out their new dinosaur family exhibition. 

We are biased in that we already love the Horniman. The aquarium in great, the hands on base is really interactive, the animal walk is lovely in the summer (as are the gardens for picnics) and the galleries are full of beautiful things! 

We have been to a few of the recent exhibitions but the current dinosaur one is my favourite so far! The little man charged around roaring at anything and everything skeletal. There were lots of things to touch at well positioned low level tables, an excavation area to dig up fossils, a magnetic board with dinosaurs and even dinosaur onesies to dress up in! (Sadly all child sized.)

The cafe, lifts and facilities are all great. It’s easy to get around the museum and plenty of space to leave the buggy too. There weren’t any of the dinosaur magnets to buy in the shop unfortunately (they were great!) but as always we had a great afternoon out at the museum. 

Definitely worth a visit 🙂

Horniman museum website