Little moments #3

One of the reasons I wanted to start up the blog again was to help me remember those little moments that make you smile (or cringe!)

We went on holiday last week, just out to the countryside for a few days, so I took the opportunity to write down a few of our little ones top phrases and habits now that he is stringing words together. 

This month … 

 #1 – This way! Whenever we head out I am astounded by the number of dinosaurs that live in the trees and shrubs around the flat and in our local park. When we go dinosaur hunting our directions are clearly provided by the little man asserting ‘this way’ as we weave in and out of the bushes!! 

#2 -Saying goodbye to EVERYTHING! Including Duggee when the episodes end. 😀
#3 – Singing goodnight to all the toys in his bed (yes, Duggee!) Aww!! 

Hey Duggee website 

Are there any little moments you would like to share? Leave a comment below😀


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