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I live in London and love all things crafty. Outside of my 9-5 life I love experimenting with new crafts and exploring new places with our little boy.

Weekend adventure #10: Imperial War Museum, London 

Being an avid museum goer, I was always conscious that I had never been to the Imperial War Musuem, London! So we headed there a few weeks ago to check out the new galleries and redevelopment of the Museum. 

The new central atrium has planes and vehicles suspended and jutting out of the architecture – reminiscent of the Science Museum – which makes for an impressive entrance into the museum, although a bit tricky will all the stairs, as you find yourself looking up and not where you are going! 

The main collection is centered around a series of balcony sections over several floors, all with a view into the main atrium. 

As our little man is still quite small we didn’t have to deal with any difficult questions (yet) around the function of the objects in the collection as he was happy enough to identify the different types of transport and have a bit of a run around. He was very taken by the various planes and is a bit of a plane spotter when we are out and about!

It’s not the most family friendly museum we’ve been to (but then again the subject matter isn’t exactly balloons and bunnies) and there wasn’t much in the way of interactives for children so we spent quite a bit of time making sure we didn’t leave any jammy fingerprints on the collection! 😳

We did really like the ‘A Family In Wartime’ gallery, which had room mock-ups and some nice interactives including radios that you could turn on and off and (I’m guessing quite expensive!) touch screens to explore the different rooms in a house. This gallery also had an air raid shelter that you could go into and had a good sense of atmosphere so we spent quite a bit of time in there.

The Secret War gallery was also an great winding gallery space with lots of interesting objects on display. It would have been nice to explore this gallery more fully but by this point the little man clearly thought this gallery was a race course for himself and daddy so we had a job keeping up! (We also realised once we reached the end that somehow we had managed to do the whole thing backwards… which might not have helped!!)

We will certainly be back. I think for the time being with the little man the age he is, it will be a case of having a few of the galleries we really like and then expanding once he is ready to move beyond the plain spotting!

A Family in Wartime, IW London gallery 

Secret War, IWM London gallery 


Little moments #4

One of the reasons I wanted to start up the blog again was to help me remember those little moments that make you smile (or cringe!)

The little mans sense of himself, what he likes and what his finds funny is really developing now. Here are a few things that make us smile as we see his personality grow. 

 #1 – Tickle Tickle! Little man will copy us and give tickles followed by a little giggle.

#2 -‘Cuddle’! We now get proper cuddles and kisses where we are grabbed and pulled forward for a big wet one on the lips! #3 – Pretending to have fallen asleep if he doesn’t want to do something!! HAHA! 

Are there any little moments you would like to share? Leave a comment below😀

Weekend adventure #9: Musuem of London Docklands 

We headed over to Canary Wharf this weekend to visit the MoL Docklands and on the way we went to the new crossrail roof garden which was great! It’s not massive but the roof garden has lots of winding paths that our little man absolutely loved charging along, looking for (imaginary) dinosaurs in amongst the trees and ferns. The garden is well kept and there were two pianos that were around for people to just sit and play! 

After a good run around in the garden we went over to the Museum to play in the brilliant Mudlarks children’s gallery. It’s such a great gallery with soft play, building blocks, ropes and pullies and water play that all relates brilliantly to the museum’s themes and is really interactive.

The sessions are timed to avoid overcrowding but the museum wasn’t too busy so we were able to just join the current time slot.It’s so nice to have a dedicated, genuinely hands on under 5’s gallery that’s safe and contained and that is so well integrated into the museum that it doesn’t feel like an add on.

But the whole museum is family friendly too so once we had dried off from our water play we headed up into the Sailor town gallery which is a great immersive street scape. 

We will be back soon! 

Canary Wharf roof garden 

Docklands Museum mudlarks gallery 

Monday outing #4: dragon hunting in Greenwich 

We used to pop to Greenwich quite a bit but we hadn’t made it recently so while the weather is still good we jumped on the bus (thankfully there was space for the buggy!) and headed down to the river. Just like our local park, it turns out that Greenwich flora is equally stuffed full of dinosaurs and dragons. With the current love of Noddy and the Dazzle Dragon we headed off in search of dragons.

Once we had explored a good chunk of the trees and had a few goes on the swings and slides (the playground in Greenwich Park is massive and well with a visit!) we headed into the National Maritime Museum… …which, as luck would have it, had several dragons for us to spot and we ventured into the Ahoy gallery for the first time too. There is plenty of space to run around in the museum, which is really family friendly with lots going on in the holidays too! 

National Maritime Museum (RMG) 

Our least annoying kids TV shows! 

Like many parents, the majority of TV we watch these days is aimed at kids, but there are some kids shows we must admit to actually really enjoying and among the many (many, many) incredibly annoying shows out there there are some that we would willingly watch, even when home alone (well, almost!)

Here is a run down our top 5 shows, in no particular order, that we all genuinely love in our house.

Hey Duggee (CBeebies)We loooove Hey Duggee! The narration and characters are great and we have followed suit inventing ‘badges’ for all sorts of things, usually as an incentive for something! 

Dinopaws (CBeebies)The adventures of three dino friends as they explore together! Very sweet with a little language of their own and a catchy tune.

Noddy Toyland Detective – yes really! (Milkshake, Chanel 5)Deltoid is our favourite character who seems to be at the root of most mischief. Slightly unfortunately, Noddy basically goes around accusing his friends of having done something wrong before finding the guilty culprit (!) – but telling the truth is generally at the heart of it all!

Andy’s Dinosaur / Prehistoric Adventrues (CBeebies)We love Andy and the little man is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. Follow Andy as he travels back in time to save the day! (Also we are big museum fans)

Octonauts (CBeebies)Underwater exploits of a team of explorers who invariably save other creatures in distress! Funky music and a strangely James Bond vibe! 

As you can tell from the 4 out of 5 above, we think CBeebies is great! 

Which Kids TV shows are popular in your house?

Little moments #3

One of the reasons I wanted to start up the blog again was to help me remember those little moments that make you smile (or cringe!)

We went on holiday last week, just out to the countryside for a few days, so I took the opportunity to write down a few of our little ones top phrases and habits now that he is stringing words together. 

This month … 

 #1 – This way! Whenever we head out I am astounded by the number of dinosaurs that live in the trees and shrubs around the flat and in our local park. When we go dinosaur hunting our directions are clearly provided by the little man asserting ‘this way’ as we weave in and out of the bushes!! 

#2 -Saying goodbye to EVERYTHING! Including Duggee when the episodes end. 😀
#3 – Singing goodnight to all the toys in his bed (yes, Duggee!) Aww!! 

Hey Duggee website 

Are there any little moments you would like to share? Leave a comment below😀

Our Star Wars Obsession

So, I knew that our little man was destined to be hooked or Star Wars sooner or later thanks to my partner… But I didn’t expect it to start this soon!! 😀

Our little man is 2 and already the most frequent words in any given day are currently ‘more Star Wars’ or ‘more Vader’ quickly followed by a reasonably tuneful rendition of the imperial march! 

First thing in the morning, out and about and in bed at night (when he should be asleep!) we are  met with requests for more Star Wars or the music of John Williams. (I would like to add that The Empire Strikes Back is of course his film of choice! 😉)
The combination of epic music and lightsabers seems to hold his attention more than most kids cartoons and he absolute LOVES it! 

Perhaps not the best toddler viewing (we do fast forward some bits, especially during The Force Awakens!) so we are currently watching the Star Wars Rebels animations which are going down equally well!