Monday outing #4: dragon hunting in Greenwich 

We used to pop to Greenwich quite a bit but we hadn’t made it recently so while the weather is still good we jumped on the bus (thankfully there was space for the buggy!) and headed down to the river. Just like our local park, it turns out that Greenwich flora is equally stuffed full of dinosaurs and dragons. With the current love of Noddy and the Dazzle Dragon we headed off in search of dragons.

Once we had explored a good chunk of the trees and had a few goes on the swings and slides (the playground in Greenwich Park is massive and well with a visit!) we headed into the National Maritime Museum… …which, as luck would have it, had several dragons for us to spot and we ventured into the Ahoy gallery for the first time too. There is plenty of space to run around in the museum, which is really family friendly with lots going on in the holidays too! 

National Maritime Museum (RMG) 


Monday outing #2: Toddler World at the Greenwich Centre

I kept meaning to go and try one of the Toddler World sessions at the Greenwich leisure centres. It’s a soft play session – rather than a permanent soft play facility – and as our toddler loves to climb every table, chair, box, parent in sight I wanted to give him the opportunity to climb without constantly being told to get down (most of what he climbs at home is precarious to say the least!)  So…We finally managed to get there this week. We went to the one at the Greenwich Centre, though the company that runs the Greenwich leisure services (Better) run it at other centres too including Eltham. It was just under £5, so in line with lots of London based stuff. The session is drop in and runs for two hours so you can get your money’s worth if you get there for when it starts.

It’s set up in one of the studios with a bouncy castle and a range of large foam shapes to climb up and slide down. There were some rocking / bouncy things to sit on and a really thick foam floor matting that made it all feel very safe and bouncy! There was a nursery rhyme cd playing in the background and lots of benches along the side for adults who didn’t fancy braving the sprung floor (or who had younger children to look after 😉) 

Overall it’s a good set up with plenty for the little ones to do and space for them to use up some of that boundless energy. Everything felt very safe and clean and if you stay the full two hours you can get the most out of your £5.

It took us a good half an hour to get there so we might look for somewhere closer to home next time, but I’m sure we will try it at one of the other centres too. 

Greenwich Centre website