Weekend adventure #9: Musuem of London Docklands 

We headed over to Canary Wharf this weekend to visit the MoL Docklands and on the way we went to the new crossrail roof garden which was great! It’s not massive but the roof garden has lots of winding paths that our little man absolutely loved charging along, looking for (imaginary) dinosaurs in amongst the trees and ferns. The garden is well kept and there were two pianos that were around for people to just sit and play! 

After a good run around in the garden we went over to the Museum to play in the brilliant Mudlarks children’s gallery. It’s such a great gallery with soft play, building blocks, ropes and pullies and water play that all relates brilliantly to the museum’s themes and is really interactive.

The sessions are timed to avoid overcrowding but the museum wasn’t too busy so we were able to just join the current time slot.It’s so nice to have a dedicated, genuinely hands on under 5’s gallery that’s safe and contained and that is so well integrated into the museum that it doesn’t feel like an add on.

But the whole museum is family friendly too so once we had dried off from our water play we headed up into the Sailor town gallery which is a great immersive street scape. 

We will be back soon! 

Canary Wharf roof garden 

Docklands Museum mudlarks gallery 


Weekend adventure #3: Horniman Dinosaur Exhibition 

We try not to stereotype when it comes to toys and games with the little man but none the less,  trains and dinosaurs have both become firm favourites. We pass the day with many chuga chuga choo choos and Raaaarrrs so this weekend we went to one of our favourite museums – the Horniman in South London – to check out their new dinosaur family exhibition. 

We are biased in that we already love the Horniman. The aquarium in great, the hands on base is really interactive, the animal walk is lovely in the summer (as are the gardens for picnics) and the galleries are full of beautiful things! 

We have been to a few of the recent exhibitions but the current dinosaur one is my favourite so far! The little man charged around roaring at anything and everything skeletal. There were lots of things to touch at well positioned low level tables, an excavation area to dig up fossils, a magnetic board with dinosaurs and even dinosaur onesies to dress up in! (Sadly all child sized.)

The cafe, lifts and facilities are all great. It’s easy to get around the museum and plenty of space to leave the buggy too. There weren’t any of the dinosaur magnets to buy in the shop unfortunately (they were great!) but as always we had a great afternoon out at the museum. 

Definitely worth a visit 🙂

Horniman museum website

Monday outing #1: National Portrait Gallery

This week we went to our local under 5s singing group for a first time in a while, now that I have Mondays with the little Man. Lots of songs on a theme with bubbles, a parachute and egg shakers. LM was a little shy as we hadn’t been since before he could walk so he stayed close to me and inched closer throughout the hour little by little. He was mostly interested in watching everyone else – except for when the bubbles came out, which are a favourite.

After a good nap (for him, I cleaned) we headed into town to meet a friend at the National Portrait Gallery. We left the buggy down in the cloakroom (and played with the keys in the lockers for about 10mins) before heading down to the cafe. The cafe in the basement isn’t particularly child friendly as there only seems to be one high chair and all the tables are tightly packed together, so after a quick cuppa we headed up into the galleries.

 LM was particularly taken with the busts and carved statues, whom he tried to engage in babbled conversation and much arm waving. We had a good game of ‘find the nose’ (there are of course plenty to be found in the NPG) and he was happy to wander in and out of the rooms and was pretty good at not trying to touch the picture frames that were within his reach. We did get a few strange looks – and it was noticeable that he was the only child under 18 that we came across (!) – but the galleries are good open spaces and he enjoyed trying to sit up on the chairs too. 

They do have family events during half terms but they are aimed at 3+, so not quite for us yet. 

NPG website