Little moments #4

One of the reasons I wanted to start up the blog again was to help me remember those little moments that make you smile (or cringe!)

The little mans sense of himself, what he likes and what his finds funny is really developing now. Here are a few things that make us smile as we see his personality grow. 

 #1 – Tickle Tickle! Little man will copy us and give tickles followed by a little giggle.

#2 -‘Cuddle’! We now get proper cuddles and kisses where we are grabbed and pulled forward for a big wet one on the lips! #3 – Pretending to have fallen asleep if he doesn’t want to do something!! HAHA! 

Are there any little moments you would like to share? Leave a comment below😀


Our Star Wars Obsession

So, I knew that our little man was destined to be hooked or Star Wars sooner or later thanks to my partner… But I didn’t expect it to start this soon!! 😀

Our little man is 2 and already the most frequent words in any given day are currently ‘more Star Wars’ or ‘more Vader’ quickly followed by a reasonably tuneful rendition of the imperial march! 

First thing in the morning, out and about and in bed at night (when he should be asleep!) we are  met with requests for more Star Wars or the music of John Williams. (I would like to add that The Empire Strikes Back is of course his film of choice! 😉)
The combination of epic music and lightsabers seems to hold his attention more than most kids cartoons and he absolute LOVES it! 

Perhaps not the best toddler viewing (we do fast forward some bits, especially during The Force Awakens!) so we are currently watching the Star Wars Rebels animations which are going down equally well!