Our least annoying kids TV shows! 

Like many parents, the majority of TV we watch these days is aimed at kids, but there are some kids shows we must admit to actually really enjoying and among the many (many, many) incredibly annoying shows out there there are some that we would willingly watch, even when home alone (well, almost!)

Here is a run down our top 5 shows, in no particular order, that we all genuinely love in our house.

Hey Duggee (CBeebies)We loooove Hey Duggee! The narration and characters are great and we have followed suit inventing ‘badges’ for all sorts of things, usually as an incentive for something! 

Dinopaws (CBeebies)The adventures of three dino friends as they explore together! Very sweet with a little language of their own and a catchy tune.

Noddy Toyland Detective – yes really! (Milkshake, Chanel 5)Deltoid is our favourite character who seems to be at the root of most mischief. Slightly unfortunately, Noddy basically goes around accusing his friends of having done something wrong before finding the guilty culprit (!) – but telling the truth is generally at the heart of it all!

Andy’s Dinosaur / Prehistoric Adventrues (CBeebies)We love Andy and the little man is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. Follow Andy as he travels back in time to save the day! (Also we are big museum fans)

Octonauts (CBeebies)Underwater exploits of a team of explorers who invariably save other creatures in distress! Funky music and a strangely James Bond vibe! 

As you can tell from the 4 out of 5 above, we think CBeebies is great! 

Which Kids TV shows are popular in your house?